Beavers meet the Ultimate Adventurer

42nd Glenfield Beavers were lucky enough to be treated by BBC Radio Leicester to a very special viewing of Dr Who.

Back in October, they were shown the pilot episode and asked to compare it to the Doctor they know today. Would they like it? Was it scary?

Many were fans of the Dr we know and love today, others had never seen the show. At the end of the 25 minute viewing the expressions on the Beavers said it all. The biggest questions was; What is the shadow? The opinion of the episode was more divided. Joe (6) really enjoyed it – his favourite moment was his first sighting of the Dr. He said “the old doctor is old ” but he admits be would probably like to see the next episode.

Another said  “The ending was really weird, but I really want to find out what happens next,  it was a little bit boring.”

The project is part of wider celebrations by BBC to mark the 50th Anniversary of Dr Who. Matt Smith, the BBC Producer behind this project,  really wanted to find out if the viewing youngsters today would want to know how the Dr’s adventures started and if they would enjoy the first episode. He was pleased with the general interest. “I really wanted to see if the differences in effects and if the quality and black and white image would affect their interest”. On the whole although the Beavers commented on the Black and White image, few felt it had an effect on their viewing experience.

You can hear the interview below

42nd Glenfield Beavers

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