A Very Happy 12th Birthday

_D324537crMost of us enjoyed a good healthy childhood, with no care in the world.

But for Matthew, from 42nd Glenfield Leicester Scouts, celebrating his 12th birthday, with his Scout troop that was not the case.

Today. Matthew was able to have his first chocolate birthday cake, sharing it with his friends, but also enjoys what should now be a normal life.

_DSC9211crMatthew spent 8 years of his childhood on dialysis, waiting for the right donor for a Kidney transplant, after an earlier transplant from his mother failed, as a result of complications.

We first met Matthew on Monday when he took part with his Troop at the LOPC enjoying kayakin. next weekend he will be taking part in his first camp, and we will be following his progress, as we make a short video with help from Nicola, his mother.

_DSC9213crMatthew felt frustrated at times, not being able to do the things his friends did, and at times spending 12 hours on a dialysis machine, and on a daily cocktail of medication.  Nicola, recalled the day when she received a text whilst shopping at fosse park with her friend, informing her a donor had been found.  She became emotional, as did her friend when she read the text.  She called her husband as well as her parents of the news, her parents drove to Fosse park to join them in their celebrations.

The video, will give more information about Matthew, with contributions from his mother.

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