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What is Roverway?

Roverway 2018 is an incredible European adventure hosted by Scouting Nederland and organised by the European Scout Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). The event will be held from 23rd July to 2nd August 2018, it will take place in the Netherlands with over 3,000 participants from over twenty countries.

Who is it for?

The participants will be divided into UK Patrols of 6-8 ahead of the event. They will be encouraged to meet regularly, take part in practice camps and gain camping skills in addition to a Nights Away permit for Patrol Leaders. Participants on Roverway will be aged 16-22 at the time of the event –this means born from 3rd August 1995 and 23rd July 2002.

Roverway appeals to a wide-range of people but they all share the same passion for discovering new countries and cultures. This could mean those who have either attended or are planning to attend another international Scouting event (e.g. World Scout Jamborees and Moots etc) alongside those who have not attended international events. The main thing we are looking for is a sense of adventure and a willingness to represent the UK on an international platform.

What makes Roverway different from every other camp?

At Roverway, everyone’s experience is different. As a participant, you will decide as a patrol on your Path. This is an indepth five day camping trip in a specific part of The Netherlands with other international patrols. You could be sailing across one of The Netherland’s many lakes, finding out about Dutch food in Wageningen or promoting international peace and justice in The Hague. The Paths give you the opportunity to truly embrace Roverway and make genuine friendships with Scouts and Guides from across Europe.

How much will Roverway cost?

The UK Contingent is currently finalising the budget for the UK Scout Contingent to Roverway 2018 and aim to release both participant and IST fees shortly.

Where do I sign up?

Application forms will be released shortly, they will contain details of the process, dates and costs. You can get ahead of the game by registering your interest by sending your name by email please include the text “ROVERWAY 2018 PARTICIPANT” in the subject line.

Other Opportunities – Roverway International Service Team

International Service Team, Roverway is unique in that the first five days are spent finishing the build of the central camp. This gives you a real chance to make your mark on the event. As well as this, it also allows for five days before the patrols arrive. This means you won’t just be working all the time but taking part in some of the activities too!

IST will be aged 23 and over at the event. The UK Contingent will be running a national recruitment programme similar to previous years. More information about this will be released in June/July 2017. You can get ahead of the game by registering your interest by sending your name by email to please include the text “ROVERWAY 2018 IST” in the subject line.

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