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With several Groups from across Leicestershire camping at Poacher 2017, Lincolnshire’s equivalent of Charnwood, Young People from each of the groups will be sharing their experience throughout the week on this page, it will be the young peoples thoughts and we will try to update this daily. a couple of the groups will be sharing as Districts. Oldest report will be at the bottom.  Click on a photo to see larger version.

42nd, 2nd/60th and 82nd (South West District)

Combined all Three groups have, 13 Scouts, 7 Explorers and 9 Leaders

20643989_723793921156390_673040009_ncDSC02155cYou could be forgiven if you mistook a Marble fire surround in the middle of a campsite, for a grave stone, but that did not stop a bit of banter from the Explorers and Leaders from South West placing flowers, a message and express their condolences at the foot of this surround which sets the gateway to one of the Guides site.

The following report has been compiled by the 42nd Explorers.

DSC02132cThis is the first time we have come to poacher and we have loved all the activities the organisers have put on for us.

We like that we have the freedom to do what we want and has been a great experience for all of us.

Autumn said “Today I did the trapezes it was an amazing experience,  and something I have never seen on a camp before”.

DSC02165cWe did Bowling off site it was good and James lost, but best thing was, it had free Wi-Fi.

We have done most of the activities on-site, and the bowling and swimming were off-site

Callum 12, Scout from the 2nd/60th said he’s enjoying the camp, and love the inflatables, especially the big slides.

DSCl02166lcWe would come again.

If we were to describe camp in one word it would be:-  consistency decent.  OK that’s two word, but we enjoyed it, and thank our leaders for giving us the opportunity to take part.


1st Welland & 1st Kibworth, (Market Harborough District)

Combined, both groups have  33 camping, 17 Scouts, 2 Explorers, 6 Young Leaders, 2 Cubs and 6 Leaders.

Holly, 15 from Welland valley is our young reporter for both groups this is her story:

20431433_10214605415555341_5480956260977959565_nThe Scouts have had a lot of fun while here this week, in the campsite and the activities. Many of them have fallen in love with the trapeze and the climbing, but just as many have had fun in the creative tents. The Scouts from the two groups here have made friends with each other and are getting along really well, and they have also made friends with the thousands of other people here.

20525876_10214609122688017_2481031093593737525_nJamie 13, a scout from 1st kibworth Scout group who has joined us here at Poacher, said that one of his favourite things here is meeting so many of the 8000 people from the 24 different countries represented. He has also had fun making friends with all the scouts from 1st Welland Valley sharing a campsite with him. He loved all the activities he has been to, particularly the spider mountain and freefall activities. The only downside he could find here was the fact that he forgot his pillow, leaving him with neck ache for the week.

20614385_10159489989360144_2010306637_nLily 12, a scout with the 1st Welland Valley group camping with us said, she had spent a lot of time on every ride in the age 10-13 fairground, and she loved all of them. Her favourite activities are the climbing and abseiling, and also all the creative tents, where she has made a wooden spinning top. The only downside to the camp that she could find were some boring activities that she had to complete to gain her Poacher Challenge badge, but this was easily offset at the campsite when the washing up duties were passed off to the explorers, freeing up more time for her favourite activities.

20624214_10159489990735144_1081689088_nKieran 11, another Kibworth Scout I spoke to. His favourite activities include climbing and abseiling, but he also loved the drone racing activity. He is also of the seemingly unpopular opinion that the camp food is the best thing to ever happen to cuisine. His sole criticism is his desire to have had more time to spend on his favourite activity.

Rory 12, 1st Welland Valley Scout, has spent most of his time on the waterslide and was very enthusiastic about it. He also mentioned enjoying the exhibitions that are put on every lunchtime, particularly the jousting on Sunday. He has enjoyed meeting so many new people and became friends with many of the kibworth scouts here with us.

Finn, 14, is an explorer with Mad Batter EDU and he has also enjoyed his time here. He was very enthusiastic about the mocktails bar in the age 14-17 area and spent most evenings there, meeting a lot of new friends from all over the world in the process. He has also spent a lot of time on the various thrill rides, mentioning that the drift cars and the rank driving were among his favourites, despite the long queues to get onto them.

20374249_10155674162107958_5636010776547710333_nFreya 14, is a young leader attached to the 1st Welland Valley group. She told me that she has been having a lot of fun here at camp and has been slowly working her way through all the craft tents, having made a lanyard, a friendship bracelet, and painted a glass within the first three days. While a camp of 5000 people may seem intimidating to some, socialising is no problem here as Freya has found everyone to be very welcoming. She did let on that washing up for all the scouts soon be and tedious, but mentioned that it helped the young leaders and explorers become much closer as a unit.


20479524_10212928707999865_5304564403322638849_nPatrick 11, one of our Welland Valley scouts, told me how he spent his week so far with us. Saturday was just dedicated to setting up, but he said the barbecue we had for dinner was great. He also enjoyed the opening ceremony and party afterwards. On Sunday, he went bowling and was very happy to have made friends while he was there. He also went to the jousting that was displayed at lunch, but was disappointed with the outcome. The next day, he did his favourite activity of the week, the power turns. He had a lot of fun making doughnuts with the drift cars for as long as he could that day. On Tuesday he spent the day at the fairground, but was complaining about the Ferris wheel carts being rocked. Aside from this, he really enjoyed the fairground, and the meal that night was her favourite this week. On Wednesday, he went swimming and loved this as well, but wished he had had more time there. After all of this, he is really looking forward to the remainder of the week.


40th Anstey Scouts (Charnwood District)

40th Anstey have 21 camping, 13 scouts 3 district explorers, 4 leaders and a beaver.

IMG_1330c11 year old Ed is our young reporter for anstey Scouts, and this is his report.  “I met a guide yesterday and invited her for tea as part of the poacher challenge. We’re enjoying the trading games and Louis has shown his skills as an entrepreneur, left with a t bag, traded around the site and came back with salad cream, a lemon wet wipe and a full packet of biscuits.

Dylan enjoyed his 16th birthday with us and is hoping for the chance to go up in the hot air ballon.

IMG_1227cIsabel and most of the scouts have learnt CPR as part of the lives campaign which is aiming to teach 20000 people CPR across Lincolnshire”.

We will continue with updates on this page throughout the week, as our young reporters from across the groups send their stories in to us.

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