Your New County Youth Commisisoners

Hello, Jack and I would like to start off by saying what a great opportunity it is we have to help create and assist with Youth Shaped Scouting throughout Leicestershire. Both of us are actively implementing plans for the future of Youth Shaped Scouting within our area.

There are many ways that we plan to do this, however there are activities that you can do at a group level to help make your group more YouShape. As part of our hello we have included one example for you below. To find out more about Youth Shaped Scouting you can look on the Scout Association’s website or follow us on Facebook: Jack and Sam – Leicestershire County Youth Commissioners.

We will be posting more examples of ways to help kick-start Youth Shaped scouting in your District/Group on there. If anyone has anything they need support on that is Youth Shape orientated then you can contact myself or Jack on the following:




This example of how to implement Youth Shaped Scouting is suitable for all sections


To get the young people providing ideas in a more informal setting.


20 Minutes


  • Sponge Football


Try setting a different question at the start of the game such as preferred District events, or next venue for a camp.


Split the hut into 4 sections. A ball is thrown into the middle and each team must try to keep the ball out of their section. A leader who is not looking blows a whistle at random intervals and the team left with the ball get a point and must give an opinion/idea about what they would like to do in future meetings.

The winner is the team with the least points at the end of the game.


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