MAY 26TH – 28TH 2018
Firstly I salute you for the work you do. As an ex Cub Leader I recognise that whereas this is a very rewarding role, it is also somewhat demanding! Secondly it is my unashamed intention to attract more Cubs/Scouts to The Bushcraft Show – and this is not necessarily borne out of commercial considerations (despite the fact that I am Commercial Director as well as event organiser!). It is genuinely on account of my firm belief that whereas children per se are our future, Cubs and Scouts are the future of our movement and are ideally suited to join us and participate with us in our wonderful community of Bushcrafters. 


Take a look if you will at some of the information I have linked you to, please also, should you find time, view the video from The Bushcraft Show 2017 This should give you a feel for the event and hopefully will whet your appetite for what is a truly unique and remarkable gathering of people from all walks of life – who just happen to love being outdoors connecting with our environment, learning new skills and above all, having great fun in a safe and well structured environment.


We wish to invite you to join the many Scouts  who already attend The Bushcraft Show and to this end, offer you a substantial discount from the normal ticket pricing:


1) Leaders – £52.50/each (normal price is £105.00 for an Adult Advance Weekend Ticket) subject to bringing 6 scouts.

2) Youngsters – £40.00/each (£45.00 is the normal price we charge for a child aged 5 to 15 years but any of your group who are below 18 years of age as of May 26th 2018 can take advantage of this rate)

3) If you bring in excess of ten young people then the eleventh and subsequent youngsters can come for £35.00.

4) All members of your group will receive a discount code entitling them to 10% off all Specialist Instruction Classes (they would all just love the Forge a Viking Necknife session i am sure!)

4) Finally – if your group (including Leaders) is at least ten strong, we will offer you a half price subscription to Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine (that is £17.50 instead of £35.00 for a one year subscription)


We have in excess of 63 acres of mixed woodland and pasture within this beautiful little corner of the National Forest – plenty of space to find a nice quiet spot for you to make camp (none of the site is more than a ten minute walk from the main arena and areas of activity). Should you wish to rope-off a little area to call your very own, then you are welcome to do so. You are of course most welcome to have your very own camp fire as long as this is done, respectfully, on a ‘leave no trace’ basis.


The event is monitored by SIA accredited security staff (we have never, in eight years of hosting The Bushcraft Show, had an incident to deal with), is fully licensed, insured and regulated, has an on-site H&S Executive as well as First Aid and Paramedics. It is an exceptionally safe environment for you and the children.


The site is well catered for in terms of drinks & refreshments, has a good number of luxury showers (free) & toilets, as well as recycling points, firewood and potable water of course. One of our c80 friendly volunteers will be assigned to each group and will call upon you each day (if so required) to ensure that all is good in the camp!


If you wish for your young persons to carry a knife at the event (many of children do!) then we offer a daily Knife Safety Training Session as well as tuition in axe usage and safe handling, foraging, water filtration, shelter building, fire lighting/making techniques – and so much more!


Take a look at the website and I do very much look forward to talking this proposition through with you in greater detail.


Thank you kindly for your attention.


All best wishes

David Thompson

Event Organiser

The Bushcraft Show


Telephone: 0333 4567 123

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