Beavers in campaign to save rhinos

Beavers in campaign to save rhinos

By Danielle Easton- Leicester Mercury

A group of 36 Beavers from Countesthorpe have launched a campaign to save the endangered species – and are appealing to Prince William and Theresa May to help.

The work is part of their annual Community Impact project.

Jack Barber, the Beaver Scout leader, said: “In November, they voted from a shortlist of issues to support endangered rhinos. One of the Beavers explained to the group about the issues that rhinos face, with increasing numbers being poached for their horns.

“Everyone was very interested in this situation, deciding that it was very unfair, and showing incredible enthusiasm to do something about it.”

To support their campaign the Beavers have designed and built a giant rhino to display in Countesthorpe, raised money through park runs, selling daffodils and cake making, and made glittery rhino horns to highlight the danger of extinction.

They have also written letters and drawn pictures, which have been sent to the Prime Minister Theresa May, the Duke of Cambridge and to Cyril Ramaphosa, the President of South Africa, in the hope of highlighting the importance of saving the animal.

Jack said he was extremely proud of his young team.

He said: “The idea generated from the beavers themselves, they proposed the idea, learnt about the issues that come from rhino hunting and poaching, and decided what they would do to help and spread awareness.

“The whole team are so passionate and really feel like they are making a difference.

“I am incredibly proud of them, their enthusiasm and huge efforts. A lot of hard work and long hours have gone into the combined projects and they have shown what being a part of scouting is all about.”

The Beavers hope to have raised about £400 by the time the project ends in May.

They are encouraging the public to help them to raise awareness about the rhino.

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