Leaders, are you looking for something different to do with your group ?

Why not visit Warning Zone on Frog Island in Leicester. Warning Zone is a “Life skills Centre” focusing on educating our young people about the Risks and Consequences they face in life. With a range of interactive unique zones covering Fire, and Water safety, Alcohol, Antisocial behaviour, Knife crime plus Road safety and Arson.

An evening at Warning Zone will help prepare your young people as they face life’s many challenges.

Recently Warning Zone has introduced an additional zone totally dedicated to the risks faced when using the Internet covering On-line Grooming, Phishing, Cyber Bullying and the protection of Personal information.

Many of our young people may have visited Warning Zone on a year 6 school visit; however an evening visit to Warning Zone can be tailored to meet your group’s age range and any particular needs. Additionally our zone can be used for Badge Presentations, providing a great “Photo backdrop”. Plus if you need to bring food that can also be accommodated.

Should this be of interest, please contact Dave Webster (who works in the Scouts Shop – ED) on 07737785100 or email dave@warningzone.org.uk

A visit to Warning Zone is guaranteed to be exciting and fun; however the knowledge gained from a visit could ultimately save a young person from entering the criminal justice system and fewer young people risking accident’s and death.

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