Countesthorpe Beavers – Film Stars…….

Countesthorpe Beavers –  back in March a few of us were filmed as part of a National video to be used for leader training across the country, celebrating our successful community project helping those living with dementia.
This video is now gradually being released, so we are now able to share it with you all.
It was shown to leaders at a workshop at Gilwell Reunion this weekend, is due to be shown in Scotland later this week and will eventually become part of one of the online leader training modules.
This isn’t actually the final version of the video, there are some mistakes you will spot in the subtitles, but the film footage is the final version.
Well done to Luke, Ben and Max who come across brilliantly (shame they had to put me on too…) and are now famous 🙂 (again!)
Jack Barber
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