If anyone has anything to offer please can they email me first so that we can arrange where it can be left and I can keep an eye on quantity:


Please note items will not be returned – we will recycle /re-donate where ever possible


Seeds (Ideally wildflower type seeds)Paracord
Old Flour any amountTack nails
Take Away boxes as many as possible can be pre-usedNail Polish
Plastic trays x5Hair care products
Water jugs x 4Sewing Needles
Lego – particularly wheels, property related items (doors, windows etc)Sewing thread
Lego base platesZips
Plasticine x 6 packetsDressmakers pins
Velcro Tape any colour, sizeSafety Pins
Display Boards pin board or VelcroRibbon
White Cotton/polycotton fabricDressmaking items – bow, flowers etc
Paint any colour, tester pots, part tinsBeads – old necklaces etc
Wooden planks – approx 30cm long by 10cm/ long ones that can be cutPaint – water based
WoolMetal coat hangers
knitting needles any sizesStamping ink pads
inflatable furnitureRubber Stamps
Plastic pop bottle lids (not milk bottle lids)Wall paper – end of rolls etc
A4 CardGlue – PVA and UHU type
Bean bags for seatsSmall plastic bowls
Large floor cushionsFelt pens
 4x small bookcasesRubbers
5 x briefcases with 6-digit combination lockPencils
5 x coats (ladies or gents overcoat, trench coat or waterproof12” Rulers
4 x Cashboxes with keys digital kitchen timers/stopwatches
4 x Telescopic magnetic pick up toolsMagazines/journals with a science/engineering/technology type bias or other professional – New Scientist etc
8 x Overhead/on-ear headphones (not earbuds)Random lab/science equipment -doesn’t have to work
4x small side tables – square/rectangular tops6 lab coats – old are fine
2x bench seat – folding would be idealScience Books text books preferred but any will be ok – lots needed
2 x Small suitcases20x Small organza or cotton bags
8x  MP3 Players – old are fine as long as they work1x pair adult wellies


5prs x “everyday “High heeled shoesWhite Sheets
Old JeansA4 paper – any colour
Lanyards any amountChildrens paddling pools – small
Mini pegs any amount 
Duvet Covers 
Childs paddling pool 
12” Rulers



Felt pens

4x Gazebo frames


10x digital kitchen timers/stop watches 
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