‘Keeping Children Safe’ Child Protection Training Programme

The programme consists of three short modules, each with an accompanying questionnaire in a multiple choice format.

The questions are designed to reinforce the key learning points. When all modules have been completed, participants receive feedback that will enable them to check their answers and confirm their understanding of the programme. The programme material builds into a reference handbook which participants retain. Individuals who successfully complete the programme receive a certificate of completion from the NSPCC.

Module 1 – Understanding the basics

Covers good practice framework; why people should act; definitions of harm; signs and indicators of abuse; effects of abuse; facts and myths of child abuse.

Module 2 – What happens if…?

Covers policy framework; the organisation’s responsibilities; handling disclosures; reporting concerns; suspicions and allegations; talking to parents; handling inappropriate behaviour from colleagues; managing your own feelings.

Module 3 – Principles of good practice

Looks at practical application of policy; code of conduct; developing personal responsibilities; possible scenarios; key messages.

The programme provides training that compliments and reinforces the Association’s safeguarding policy. It enables individuals, both new to Scouting and with a current involvement, to understand their own responsibilities in relation to safeguarding children and young people.

The programme is available either online or as a paper version

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