Fact Sheet

Leicestershire County Scout Council is pleased to make funds available for projects which develop the delivery of scouting within the County.

The program is called Reach! The dictionary defines this as meaning to stretch forth, to succeed, to communicate with, to arrive at, to extend to. And that sums up what we want the program to do!

These notes describe how funds will be made available and what you need to do to access the funding.

Leicestershire is very fortunate to have funds available to invest in Scouting. But we all have a duty to ensure that these funds are invested wisely. That we achieve the best results we can from the resources available. That we meet our objectives as Scouts and stewards of our resources. That we move Scouting forward. That we ensure that more young people within the County have access to more and better Scouting, both today and in the future.

Where projects have been financed by the County, the resulting resource should be available to all Scouts within the County on equal terms.

Recipients of grants must help the County to communicate the projects and the benefits achieved.

Who can apply?

Any Scouting entity within the County may apply for funding. Districts, Activity Centres, Activity teams, individual groups. Applications will be considered by the review team who will ensure that the project is well thought through and that all of the required information has been provided. The final decision is made by the County Executive which is legally responsible for the County’s resources.

What are the criteria?

Projects must fulfil the objectives of the scheme:

  •          Projects should have a lasting impact on scouting – they should  have an impact beyond a single event or year
  •          Projects should be sustainable – once established they should be able to continue without the input of  further financial resources from the fund
  •          Projects should develop scouting beyond what is currently available –  to increase the availability, breadth and depth of the programme
  •          Projects should not substitute for what might reasonably be achieved in other ways – they should take us beyond what we currently envisage
  •          Projects should benefit a broad cross-section of young people – rather than a few
  •          Projects should help to prepare Leicestershire scouting for the future, which may mean different sorts of resources than have traditionally been provided.

Projects will tend to be capital in nature although longer term revenue projects may be appropriate.

Finance will be provided in the form of grants. Exceptionally, loans may be considered (eg where there are timing differences with receipt of other grants). It is unlikely that the finance will exceed 50% of the cost of a project – matching funding will be required.

Successful applications will probably include a combination of local fundraising and other grants, as well as money from the fund. A 50% contribution from Reach should not be assumed, especially for larger projects. An appropriate funding pyramid should be considered and every effort must be made to access funding outside of scouting.

How will grants be awarded?

Funds are available in four categories – depending on the amount involved. We want to ensure applying for a grant is as simple as possible whilst ensuring the best projects are supported. 100 years ago BP used the stories of the Jungle Book as a framework for the training scheme in the new Wolf Cub section, and we draw on some of those characters to help explain the different funds available.

Hathi was the leader of the elephants. He was big and so are these projects! But he was also wise and had enormous respect for order. Hathi projects are seeking funding from the County in excess of £25,000 (so the whole project is likely to be over £50,000). Applications can be made at any time – there are no special cycles or deadlines. Detailed information will be required about the project – plans, costings, how the resulting resource will be managed, etc. – and it is likely that the review team will meet with the sponsors and go through the proposal in detail.

Bagheera the panther sponsored Mowgli and enabled the boy to become part of the wolf pack rather than supper! Just as Bagheera enabled Mowgli to be active in the jungle and learn new life skills, these projects will enable our young people to grow and learn. Bagheera Projects are looking for funding from the County of between £3,000 and £25,000. Applications will be invited twice a year when all the submitted projects will be considered. Up to six grants will be awarded over the next 3 years – so there is no need to rush through a request just in case the money has all gone! The application form will guide you through the information required although the review team may come back and ask for more detail on critical aspects of the project.

Raksha was the mother wolf that nurtured Mowgli enabling him to grow and thrive. For projects with grants up to £3,000 these projects will have a simple application form. Up to five grants will be awarded twice a year for the next three years. The projects that will create the biggest impact in developing the provision of scouting will be chosen.

Baloo the bear realised that for Mowgli to stay in the jungle, he had to understand the laws that made life possible. The small, everyday things that made the place work. 10 Baloo grants of £100 will be awarded every term to simple projects that can make a difference to our scouting. These will not usually be for capital projects but for simple events to achieve an aim.

What is the Timetable

The County Executive has recently removed the timetable as part of the application process and wider review of Reach.  Applications can be made at any time on the relevant forms.”


Application forms for the different schemes are available from the website, by emailing or by writing to County Office. Electronic applications are preferred although it is likely for larger schemes that other material will need to be submitted in paper form.

If you need help or advice in completing your application, please contact The application process is intended to help you think through your project and not to be a bureaucratic hurdle to getting things done. Please ask.

Once you have submitted your application, it will be considered by a review panel. They will take into account the objectives of the scheme, described above, the soundness of your proposal and the other applications which are vying for the same funding. For larger projects, this is likely to involve meeting with the sponsors and discussing the detail.

The final decisions will be taken by the County Executive, based on the recommendations of the review panel.

If your project is not successful it does not mean it is a bad project. It just means against the criteria and the alternative options available, it was not considered the best use of the funds available. We will try and provide as much feedback as we can.

We will acknowledge receipt of applications and advise you of the outcome as quickly as possible. Successful programmes will be announced to the County so everyone knows how the money is being invested.

Good luck with your application and thank you for considering ways how we can grow the provision of Scouting in Leicestershire.


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