What is Eurojam 2020?
A new inspiring Scout and Guide adventure awaits in the summer of 2020.

Following the last Eurojam hosted in the United Kingdom in 2005, the European Jamboree returns with a gathering of Scouts and Guides from all over Europe in Poland; to celebrate our values, strengthen our international community and provide the opportunity to meet and learn from each other. Mark your calendars now for the 27TH JULY TO 6TH AUGUST 2020! An amazing adventure awaits!









How much will it cost?
This is always the important question, and the honest answer is we do not know! The leadership team has estimated a complete cost of £1500, although this depends on the unit itself.

In keeping with the UK Youth Shape values, and because of the flexibility of the Jamboree, key decisions are going to be made by the unit – how we get there, whether we visit anywhere else, the equipment or clothing we take…. The decision is completely theirs!

Whatever the cost though, there will be fundraising options available – making this the most accessible Jamboree ever!









What is the selection process?
Every County in the UK has been given 36 places to form a unit. We are expecting this camp to be very popular, and a selection weekend is the fairest way to select the participants.

The selection weekend is a free weekend of activities, where we just want the participants to come and have fun. Eurojam in 2020 is open to 14-18 year olds, the selection weekend is open to all Scouts and Explorers born between 06/08/2002 and 26/07/2006.

The selection weekend will be held at Willesley Campsite on 01 – 02 Dec 18.  All the participants should arrive at 10:00 on Saturday morning. All participants will need to bring a tent as there will be a night stay at the campsite – if you have more then one young person attending then it might be worth getting them to share a tent. On the Sunday we will also be holding a parents briefing for all who attend, which is also open to all District Commissioners, Assistant District Commissioners for Scouts and District Explorer Scout Commissioners from across the County.

If you have any interest in attending, please get them to fill in an application form and email it back to ESJ2020@leicestershirescouts.org.uk

Louise, Charlotte, Pip and James
Leadership Team for Leicestershire Contingent.

pdf - ESJ2020 Newsletter 01docx - ESJ2020 Application Formpdf - ESJ2020 Kit List