Why is Validation so difficult?

The short answer is – that it isn’t.

Why is Validation so difficult? 1

There seems to be a misconception around the County that attending a course will ‘tick off’ a module. This is not the case – and because it is misunderstood there are Leaders who have been on every course – yet still do not have ‘wood beads’. Whereas we have Leaders around who haven’t been on a single course – yet have ‘wood beads’.

This is where good Training Advisors fit in and every Leader should have one. If you do not have a Training Advisor then speak to your line manager, GSL or Local Training Manager and they will arrange for one to be appointed for you.

The validation process is designed to ensure that every Leader is equipped with the tools to do the job that they have volunteered to do. If you already have those skills – either from a previous Scouting appointment or from your other experiences – then your Training Advisor will be able to tick off those modes (or Validate them). The Adult Personal File (which you should all have) sets out the validation criteria for the Training Adviser to use for every Module – you do not need to attend another course to fulfil those criteria if you already have the skills. Just get the Module validated. If you do not have an Adult Personal File – then ask your Local Training Manager for one (or look at it online).

It follows, therefore – that if you do not have the skills – we should teach them to you – so that you can deliver high-quality Scouting to your respective sections. This is where the Training bit comes in. You can acquire these skills either directly from another Leader, by attending a Training Course, or even on-line. (see the previous article about ‘Do I need to attend a course’).

Having acquired the skills – you then need to use them within your section – this is where the validation criteria kick in. Your Training Advisor can either observe you, or talk to you about what you have done, or look at the paperwork supporting programmes you have run – or any one of 10 different validation methods.

If you feel that you could benefit others and learn a lot yourself by being a Training Adviser (and these are in shorter supply within the County than we need) then please contact either your line manager, GSL or Local Training Manager and I have no doubt you would be warmly accepted.