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Appointment Process For Managers

As a line manager you ALL play a part in the appointment process of our new leaders and I am still sorry to say that we are still having leaders attend appointment not knowing their roles, not knowing what the policies are and not being advised about training.

I have for your information attached the link to the web site detailing the Mangers responsibility in the appointment process – we can only make the DAAC work correctly in every District.

I have also attached the details of reviews

In the meantime it is great to see new leaders coming along – but lets make sure they have an enjoyable experience from day 1.

3 2.APPLICATION As a line manager, you are responsible for agreeing the role description and ensuring that the adult is aware of their responsibilities.,268,270
Renewal of appointments. If an adult is effective in their role, and is still enjoying it, it is likely that at the end of a review you will agree that the adult …

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