Christmas Message

Christmas Message 4


Well! what can we say … 

It has been interesting!! 

A year of change, challenge, but also, one for reflection. 

I for one, have spent so much time at my actual home and not the second home of County HQ. 

I can get in the car and it does not tell me its 18 mins to LE3 and the traffic is light, the marriage has survived, we’ve not spent this much time together for nearly 20 years!! 

The miles I have travelled have been minimal. 

The hours in front of a screen rapidly increased, a fair trade off? I think so especially for meetings. 

But how I have missed seeing everyone, the great ideas, planning our camps and events, that time just to touch base with people over a coffee and a biscuit. 

We got a new Puppy, an excuse to get us back out, into the great outdoors. 

You do not realise how much you miss exploring each corner of the County, until the leader says it out of bounds!! 

But to offset this, we have found so many local gems – hike planning will be a doddle. 

There has been little smell of campfires on clothes but with my four-legged friends, we certainly have continued the theme of mud Glorious mud! seemingly a daily basis recently. 

I know everyone’s experience of 2020 will have been very different, but I am sure you will have all found your own way to fill the void of our hobby being putting on hold/changed. 

But through it all, Scouting has survived, new skills learnt, and the ethos of Scouting being a movement has been realised. 

I will take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in Scouting in Leicestershire. 

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas, along with fingers very tightly crossed for a safe, face to face New Year 

Carol Black 

County commissioner 

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