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i.MOVEit programme in 2018.

The East Midlands is once again going to run the i.MOVEit programme in 2018.
i.MOVEit is a programme designed to positively develop young people aged between 18 &25 years so that they can influence their part of Scouting. With appropriate support, participants may be able to occupy influential roles within The Scout Association earlier than traditionally anticipated or expected.
The programme is in 3 distinct parts;
Part 1 i.MOVEit Event: A residential weekend experience – 16th-18th February 2018, The John Merricks Centre, Rutland Sailing Club, Lincolnshire
Part 2 i.MOVEit Programme: A six month supported programme that starts after the i.MOVEit Event
Part 3 i.MOVEit Plenary Day: Finishing the course – Date TBC
As in previous years each County has been allocated 5 participant places for the Programme and we ask that you circulate details as wide as possible. DCs and GSLs may be able to identify 18-25 year olds in their area who would benefit from the programme.
If you end up with more than 5 nominations, please start a reserve list as any spare places will be offered out.
We are also looking for Facilitators and Mentors to support the event;
i.MOVEit – Event Facilitators
To help with the delivery of the event we are looking for Facilitators. These people will be a key part of the event, supporting the participants through the sessions and with planning their aims.
This would involve attendance at the weekend event, plenary day and a briefing afternoon beforehand. In return you would enhance your skills, receive a certificate of appreciation and work towards training module 28 – Facilitation.
This role could be undertaken by someone who has previously taken part in the scheme.
i.MOVEit – Programme Mentors
We would like Counties to identify possible mentors to support the i.MOVEit participants following the initial event in February. These people will help the participants to work towards their action plans
Each participant will have a ‘Mentor’ to help them meet around 2-3 personal aims. The aims will be set by the participants during the development weekend. A mentor will meet with the participant around 2-3 times between February and July and use their connections/experience help the participants meet their aims. We will match mentors to participants with similar backgrounds and aims.
Mentors need to be available for:
1.       A conference call before the event
2.       To attend the event at Rutland Sailing Club on Sunday 18th February.
This role could be undertaken by someone who has previously taken part in the scheme.
Please let me know your Participant(form attached)/Facilitator/Mentor nominations asap to:

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