Grants & Funding

Grants and Funding Support

Whether it is to invest in new projects for Scouting’s future, support participation by those with limited means or to keep the buildings and resources we have in good order, we will all need financial help from time to time to keep Scouting alive and accessible.

Most of the funding for our activities comes from members, parents and supporters. But help is available from various resources and information is available here to help you identify that help and see which might be useful for your project.

Rudkin / Rutland Trust

The Rudkin / Rutland Trust was created in 1972 by bequests to support young people whose family finances or situation were not adequate to support their participation in scouting activities. This may be uniform or the cost of camps or other activities. Grants are usually awarded for between 25-33% of the cost of items.

To apply for support for an individual from the trust, please complete the application form available

Please note the criteria for support to be made available and also that where requests are made Groups and Districts should also consider how they might support the individual concerned.

Brooks Trust

The Brooks Trust was established in 1966 from Jack Brooks, a lifetime scouter and County Commissioner. The object is to support Groups and other entities through the provision of low-interest loans. This is typically to support building projects or repairs. Loans are normally for between £500 and £3000. The fund is administered by independent Trustees.

Applications should be made by letter to the Trustees via the County Office. Applications must be supported by the District Commissioner.


From the funds generated from the relocation of the County Scout Centre, grants are available for projects which develop the delivery of scouting within the County. Projects that ensure that more young people within the County have access to more and better Scouting, both today and in the future.

The criteria for the scheme are that where projects have been financed by the County, the resulting resource should be available to all Scouts within the County on equal terms. Grants are not normally made to individual groups or sections, although if the resulting facility is available more widely, then help can be at hand.

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New Section Grants

When new Scout Groups getting started and new sections created within a Group often need funds to buy equipment for meetings, pay rental charges for premises or support a new leadership team. The County makes available a grant of up to £200 to support new sections. For an application form, look here Dev Finance Application

New sections started after 1st September in any year are also exempt from paying the County Levy due in the following year.

As well as support from the County, new sections may also apply for a grant from the Scout Association’s Development Grants Board. Click for more information and how to apply.

City of Leicester Districts Building Support Fund

The City of Leicester Scout Districts Building Fund is available for Group own buildings as follows:-

  • New Building – 50% grant ( maximum £11,000)
  • Extension to existing building – 50% grant (maximum £5,500)
  • Repairs to roof, walls, floors or foundations – 50% grant (maximum £2750)

Please submit full details in advance for approval to:-

Mr David Mason