County Developement Funding

A  grant of up to £200 is available from the County towards the start-up costs of new sections. Applications should be made to the County Office using the attached  form, with accompanying documents if required.

Forms should be countersigned by the DC. Funds will be allocated according to the available budget. Funds are not provided just for generic purposes but towards a specific need, for example covering meeting venue costs for first three months. Where grants are to cover the initial cost of badges etc., these must be purchased from the county Equipment Department.

For new sections started after 1st September each year, the County Levy is waived for members of the section registered at the next January census. A separate form is issued to District Treasurers for this purpose.

Grant aid is also available from Gilwell. Please see:

Application form at:

It is a requirement of obtaining support from the County that support has been requested from HQ.

County Application Form  County Finance Start Up Grant

National Start up Grant Application Form  National Start Up App