What is Youth Shaped Scouting and how can you make it happen in your Section?

Youth Shaped Scouting allows young people to shape their Scouting experiences in partnership with adults. It is all about taking ideas from your young people and making them happen in your  meetings, events and camps. YouShape means finding out what your young people have enjoyed doing, what they’d like to do differently and making sure everything we do in Scouting is enjoyable for everyone involved.

YouShape is about FORUMS, FEEDBACK and FUN!

We understand that many Leaders find the idea of YouShape challenging, time consuming, or even a bit scary! The resources below that we have put together try to demonstrate that in fact Youth Shaped Scouting is rewarding, important and actually very easy. We know that many Groups are already very Youth Shaped, but may not realise the importance of what they are doing. We want to inspire you to make your programme, events and camps even more Youth Shaped and encourage you to ‘shout out’ about the amazing things your young people have been doing.

The YouShape pack is split into 3 parts:

Part 1: The Community Impact booklet:   – Community Impact Booklet

This shows an example of how Youth Shaped Scouting can work on a large scale. It includes guidance on how your young people can decide for themselves how they can support others in their community. You can also read the story of how 109th Leicester Beavers won ‘A Million Hands’ project of the year 2016.

Part 2 – Youth Shaped Scouting Made Easy – Booklet

This booklet gives guidance and support on how you can make your Section/Group/District Youth Shaped. It includes advice on Forums and Feedback, and includes fun activities to help get ideas from your young people.

Part 3: The YouShape Video – link at bottom of page

The video allows you to watch Youth Shaped Scouting in action. It includes the thoughts of 109th Leicester Beavers, their Leaders and your County Youth Commissioners. Wonderfully presented by Luke, aged 8, be sure to give it a watch!

We are here to support you. We would love to hear what you think of our YouShape pack, how we can help you more and what your young people have been doing. We are keen to come and visit your District events and assist with Youth Shaped activities.

You can contact us on or

We are also on social media! Follow our Facebook page (Jack and Sam Leicestershire Youth Commissioners – @LeicCYCs) or Twitter @Leic_CYCs.

We can also, where relevant, put you in contact with your District Youth Commissioners or YouShape representative, who you can contact with questions or invite to your Group and District events.

Youth Shaped Scouting is for everyone, whatever your age and your role in Scouting. Whatever it is you’re doing, YouShape should always be at the forefront of your thinking.

Jack Barber and Sam Buswell

County Youth Commissioners

Leicestershire Scouts

YouShape 1

Jack Barber and Sam Buswell

Leicestershire Youth Commissioners

The YouShape Video :