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New ACC Scouts Appointed

Carol Black is pleased to appoint Richard South as Assistant County Commissioner (Scouts) with his years of experience in Scouts.
Richards history……
I was a scout with the Yeovil Salvation Army Troop in the 1970s.
I came back into Scouting when my son joined the Cubs at 43rd St Peters Group in 1998 when Paul Taylor asked for people to put in an “hour per week” to help support the group.
Here, I first became an assistant cub leader, then Akela and then help set up the Explorer group.
I also became involved in water activities and became an instructor with the Scout kayaking team at the LOPC.
In the early 2000s I helped rebuild the 43rd from some very low numbers along with Lianne Mason and became Group Scout Leader for the 43rd. Due to a family illness, I was unable to devote the time to being GSL and resigned the position.
Later I started at the 89th Houghton Group where a Scout leader was needed and have been there since 2014.
I also help arrange and run the annual Splash camp and run the pool kayak sessions that are open to all sections.
I was with the water team at the last Charnwood jamboree.
I am married to Jane and have 2 children (now left home).
I am very interested in making Scouting available to all and believe that children need adventurous activities to become fully rounded adults.
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