Sponsor a Tree

Sponsor a Tree 1

John’s Lee Wood Scout Campsite are replanting trees after having had forestry work carried out. JLW and the City District Commissioners invite your group to sponsor a tree.

By sponsoring a tree your group will be invited to take part in planting the trees and have the group name put on the sponsorship board.

£5 will provide 1 tree and go towards the fencing to protect the copse of trees

Donations can be made via – Search for City of Leicester Scout Districts Management Charitable Trust or by sending a cheque made out to John’s Lee Wood Campsite to:

Sponsor a Tree, John’s Lee Wood Campsite, Markfield Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire, LE67 9PS

Don’t forget to include with your donation which group you’re from and a contact email/postal address so we can invite you to the tree planting and put your group name on the board.

Closing Date will be 31st December 2019 for planting in February

Got a question? Visit our website or find us on Facebook @JohnsLeeWood to send us a message.

Sponsor a Tree 2

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