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St Georges Day Awards

St Georges Day Awards 6Bar to the Silver Acorn


In recognition of further specially distinguished service
The Bar to the Silver Acorn can only be awarded after a
Silver Acorn has been gained





Kenneth Freer Gee

Assistant District Appointments Secretar y, District Appointments Chair, District Training Adviser, Loughborough

Brian John Moore

Group Chair, 7th Loughborough (Emmanuel), District Scout Active Support Member, District Appointments Advisery Committee Member,
District Appointments Secretary, District Executive Committee Member, District Training Adviser, Loughboro ugh


St Georges Day Awards 7

Silver Acorn

In recognition of specially distinguished service. The
Silver Acorn was first introduced as a St George’s Day
Award in 1933-It is not norma lly award ed until after at
least the Award for Merit has been gained and is
seldom awarded for less than 20 years’ service.


Lesley Joyce Mitchell

District Assistant Camp Warden, District Nights Away Adviser, District Secretary, District Training Adviser, Loughborough, County Training

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