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County Executive Committee sub-committees

Good Governance of the County is important (and interesting!)

We are seeking members of our Districts and Groups to assist with the County’s good governance.

Over the last two years the County Executive has improved its governance, including by reviewing the Terms of References and operating policies of the reporting sub committees. To continue these improvements we want to increase the connections between County, Districts and Groups, and strengthen our sub-committees, to maintain these high standards.

We have three sub-committees, which meet 4/5 times a year, usually in the evening at the County Scout Centre.

  • Finance
  • Risk
  • Equipment Department

No specific experience or qualifications are required, as more important is an interest in developing the work of the sub-committee. That interest may come from work, Scouting or other social or voluntary activities. Joining a sub-committee is an opportunity to influence how the County is governed, make connections across the County and gather insights which can help Districts and Groups.

Members of sub-committees can be 18 or over, with each sub-committee having space for two people aged 18 to 25 years to join. Any adult member (or non-members, subject to usual checks) interested in knowing more about what is involved can contact:

County Chair,

Byron Chatburn


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