Caving isn’t every one’s cup of tea,  there’s the mud,  tight squeezes,  water and darkness  that is however what draws many people to the sport.

How much will it cost?

Leicestershire Scouts Caving Team offer day trips to Derbyshire (for £10 per head) or weekend trips to Mendip or Yorkshire (for £40).  Costs include a helmet, harness, lamp and instruction.     Weekend trips include bunk hut accommodation and food.  All you have to do it get them there!

What is the difference between a cave, a pothole and a mine?

Caves are walking passages, potholes are normally vertical needing ladders to enter and mines are man made.   Different permits are required for the different types, our team has instructors capable of leading al sorts of trips

Will you come and see my troop?

It’s normal that before you come caving that you’ll want to meet the instructors, our Troop nights make an excellent evening activity.  A slide show and talk to your Scouts will get them all wanting to come, and can put worried parents at ease.  It gives them chance to see some of the kit and explains how they can achieve the first step in their caver’s badge.

So where about will we go?

Derbyshire trips are normally used for beginners.  To see if you can cope with being under ground we’ll take you down a simple system in Matlock Bath.    If you like this then we’ll arrange another trip for you to a more demanding cave introducing water, ladders, squeezes and longer underground.

Weekend trips are held to Yorkshire or Mendip, where you will enter two cave systems on the Saturday and then one on the Sunday.

What do I we need to bring to a trip?

For day trips to Derbyshire, you’ll need to bring:

  • Old waterproof top and bottom.
  • Warm socks
  • Wellington boots
  • Warm under clothes
  • A complete change of clothes
  • Rubber Gloves

We recommend that they also bring a packed lunch and a hot drink in a flask.

If you are coming away for a weekend,  you’ll need all of the above, a sleeping bag, wash kit and clothes to wear when not underground.

I’m running a summer camp are there any caves in the area and can you help?

Ask us and we’ll tell you,  if we can help out then we will do.

Are there any age restrictions?

We cave with anyone from 10 until they can’t walk to the entrance.  We do however point out that small people may get cold and we may have to bring the group out of the cave if they do get too cold.   It’s never happened yet on a trip.  We will tailor trips for Explorers and Network where required.

We have a Scout with a disability can they come caving?

Talk to us, we have taken Guide Leaders with callipers, visually impaired and even someone with walking sticks into a cave before now.

Getting in touch

If you want to discuss a trip then email us at

Contact the County Caving Adviser :-