Sub Aqua

Who are we?
Leicestershire Sub Aqua Unit offers affordable scuba diving & snorkelling to all members of the Scout & Guide Associations.
We meet between 8-10pm on Thursdays in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. All of our instructors are nationally qualified by the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) for scuba and snorkelling and, as members of the scouting movement, all our adult members are fully DBS checked.

What we do?

Scuba Try Dives

A try dive is the best way to find out what it is like to scuba dive. A Try Dive is completed in one evening.
We start in the classroom for about an hour looking at the equipment and diving techniques.
A pool session follows, also an hour, where you get the opportunity to scuba dive in the 3m deep pool
with our qualified instructors who will help you get maximum fun and enjoyment from your first scuba dive. 4-6 people is the ideal number for a Try Dive session however it is possible to cover larger groups please get in touch for further information.

Experience Snorkelling:

This is the ideal taster ‘Try Snorkelling’ session’. Experience snorkelling is designed to be fun yet at the same time building in water confidence.
We start in the classroom looking at the snorkelling equipment and how to use it. A pool session follows with in water guidance on how to use the equipment from qualified instructors, and usually ends with some in water games using fins masks and snorkels.
Next steps – hooked? Want to go further?

Scuba Courses
BSAC Ocean Diver
This entry level course provides you with the essential knowledge and skills needed for open water diving.
Learning to dive is all about knowing how to use your equipment properly and safely. The Ocean Diver
training course starts on preparing you for this in the safety of a swimming pool or sheltered water and then introducing you to open water in a controlled and safe manner.LSSAU offers a full range of BSAC scuba courses after Ocean Diver – you could become one our future Instructors.

Snorkel Courses
BSAC Dolphin Snorkeller
Dolphin Snorkeller is designed to introduce snorkelling to children with three progressive fun sessions. Each session is named after a different dolphin and completion of a session results in the award of a Dolphin sticker. Each Dolphin session can be as long, or short as required by the snorkellers taking part, their ongoing snorkelling safety and fun being all important.
LSSAU offers a full range of BSAC snorkelling courses after Dolphin Snorkeller – you could become one our future Instructors.

What its costs?
Scuba Try Dives:
Ages: 12+
Ideal numbers: 4-6
Cost: £15 per person
£20 pp for non-Scouting members
Length: Approximately 2 hours (classroom & pool)
All equipment is provided
Experience• Snorkelling:
Ages: 8+
Ideal numbers: 12
Cost: £8 per person
Length: Approximately 2 hours (classroom & pool)
All equipment is provided
Scuba Courses:
Ages: 13+
Cost: £5 per week
BSAC Ocean Diver
Length: 8 weeks classroom & pool sessions
Length: 2-3 Days open water, entry cost to inland dive site and air fills
Course Materials and membership to BSAC is required, cost to be advised
Snorkel Course:
Ages: 10+
Cost: £8 per week
BSAC Dolphin Snorkeller
Length: 3 weeks’ classroom & pool sessions
Membership to BSAC is required, this includes the course materials, at a cost of £10 per member
Please note – to take part in scuba diving or snorkelling you must be confident in water and able to swim, a statement of medical fitness to participate is required.
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