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Thinking of going abroad?

Travelling abroad as Scouts is not only a huge adventure but can also create life-changing experiences both for young people and adults alike. The sharing experience of learning about new cultures, languages, daily life is all part of this learning experience.

Over 11,000 Scouts, from over 400 Groups travel abroad from the United Kingdom each year to take part in camps, international events, exchanges, tours and expeditions.

Whether a seasoned international traveller or nervously considering your first Scouting Adventure away from these shores, you will find people willing to help you. Before you start planning contact your ACC International by email

You will receive a brief introduction letter which will let you consider – why you are thinking of going abroad, the purpose of your visit, your intended programme and what the group will gain from the experience? The letter will also provide information about some of the many opportunities Scouting has to offer abroad, details of sources of information/options to inspire you and pointers regarding programme, travel, budget and funding.

Even if you are only curious, it’s a simple starting point and has to be worth an email.